Sunday, December 28, 2008

20 favorite moments of 2008

20. monday nights at 9, watching intervention with mom.
19. phone calls with dad.
18. lazy movie days at home.
17. witnessing catfights at MHS. [those were always the best]
16. running an 11 minute mile. [see, i can run. and you all doubted me.]

15. bike rides with the doggy.
14. hanging out at the waterfall with stacey.
13. getting overly excited about american idol.
12. sleeping in til noon.
11. turning 18.
10. the van. 'nough said.
9. purchasing this laptop, with my own money.
8. baking with allie.
7. the many starbucks nights. [i love all who participate]
6. going to and from school with carrie. we had a great time.
5. wing days!!!
4. tard parking it up!
3. graduating.
2. spending time with jordan. ily :]
1. not letting my first semester of college kill me. its a proud moment.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

because i'll forget to do this later.. why? because i suck at blogging.


yeah. its about a month too early.
deal with it.

2008. by far the greatest year ever. i graduated. i'm in college. [and i'm loving every minute of it...except for these god forsaken finals..] and even though i'm in college, i've managed to maintain some pretty awesome friendships with some of the coolest people in the world. this is a post dedicated to you guys. you guys are my favorites.

youre always there to make me laugh when i'm upset, or to bitchslap me when i'm getting too out of hand. :p always there to place the appropriate "i'll push you down the stairs" threat when it needs to be said *cough cough* KAYLA *cough cough* i love you all. here come the shout outs. *note* the order does not mean i love you more, but i can let you think that if you want. :p

Jordan [Willis]- well. i did it. i can finally look at you and go *his name is jordan* whereas, a year ago, that was impossible. i blame your family. its their fault. well. i love you. you make me smile. youre my best friend. you and i have had one kickass year. i loved every minute of it. well. except for this one thing. youre all the way over there. and i'm all the way over here. that sucks. you make me happy. you make me laugh. youre
amazing. times 2. i love you. lots. <3

Allie- oh best friend. i miss you. youre amazing. i can always count on you to make me laugh. you say the silliest things sometimes. i love you for it. over christmas break, we'd best be doing some major hang out time. i love you allieface. your amazing.

Kayla- kayla kayla kayla. how i love thee. you are my numba one ho, fosho. <--- thats me being gangsta. i hope you liked it. you and i, we're like two peas in a peapod. i love you dearly. whenever i think b-dub's, i think of you. whenever i see a squirrel, i think of you, whenever i look at a meat cleaver, you'd best believe your face pops in my head. i love you. i love you and your hair. you are awesome.

Jen- oh jen. youre perhaps the most kickass person ever. driving from ft. wayne, to b-town, and then to purdue. and then doing it again, but backwards. you rock. i love you for that. that was one of the most awesome weekends ever. i can always run to you when i need something crazy and outlandish to say. i love you.

Nicki [Otis]- my roommate. my most favoritest roomie. i love our 5 year old craft time adventures. i love your drunk song. i love your lysol obsession, it makes for good laughs. youre an awesome individual. thanks for that. :]

Lisa- my future roomie. lisa. youre amazing. you make me laugh. next year is going to be so awesome. i'm stoked. have fun in dallas my dear. :]