Sunday, July 22, 2007

la dee da..i cant sleep..sooo...

i was having a conversation a few days ago, with a friend of mine. we basically psychoanalized each other..i have no idea why..but we did. the things he said made me happy. but at the same time it made me think about how small little things can make a person feel really good about themselves. so. im going to provide a few people with an ego boost! woo.

note..if i dont list you first, it does not mean that i love you less than the ones that are before you, it just means that their face popped in my head first.

Allie-- you may be the CRAZIEST person i have EVER met in my entire life, but thats why i love you. you keep life interesting. i know we wanted each other dead during camp week, but i do love you, and you are amazing.

Samantha-- what to say about you.. you have been my friend for 7 or 8 years now. we've been through everything. the good, the bad, and the horrible. you know everything about me. you are the greatest friend that anyone could ever ask for. you are my family. you can always come to me. (you know this) dispite the fact that you dont think very highly of yourself, i admire you SO much. youve been through things that i cant even begin to imagine. you did it. you got through it. and for that, i admire you. i love you more than i love myself.

Bethany-- bethany are a fun turtle. ahaha. im really glad i met you. since ive known you i realized that being a total dork is ok. (even when its on camera) haha. you have an amazing talent. your photography is great..dispite what you think. haha. i love you. and btw...No Strings Attatched will ALWAYS be our song. haha

Steph-- you are the COOLEST person ever. i love you. we have a lot in common. im still jealous that youve seen Wicked and i havent. but..thats ok. i love you still. you are a dork. but thats what makes you so amazing. (i feel ive said this before..haha.) i love you steph!

Stacey-- you are the one person responsible for the 6 flogging molly shirts that i happen to own. you are responsible for my obsession. and for that. i thank you. haha. seriously are much more than that to me. you are my best friend. you get me. you dont complain when i vent to you. we always have fun together. and even though you kick my butt evertime we play air hockey, i still love you. (and im better at darts..hahaha) you are a genius. and you know it. i pray to god we are lab partners in AP!!

Shelby-- one word. ENGLISH. holy wow. great class. (1st semester anyways haha) im amazed that we got ANY work done in there. you are soooo funny. i love you. your amazing. oh..and cows are amazing. hahahahahaha.

Jocelyn-- you are a dork. plain and simple. im really sad at the fact that you moved to indy. but its for whats best for i will get over it. youve always been a great friend to me. and i miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you. (haha =])

Kayla B.-- you are QTASTIC. i love your face. haha. you are amazing. partying at walmart was the greatest! im going to miss GRP (woah..i just said way...). we'd better have AP Bio together!!!

Angela-- partying at the WU with you was amazing. you are sooo much fun. you always know what to say to someone to make them feel better! i love you ang!

Jessica C.-- youve been my friend for a while. when i moved from milford, you made it hard. the worst part of my move was leaving you behind. i may have never told you this..but...i love you jess! you were always sooooo cool! hopefully we can hang out again soon!!

Kayla A.-- you. wow. we were tight. you got me a giant duck. just like i asked. you are amazing. im so sorry that weve grown apart since i moved. it makes me sad. because you were great. you still are..i miss you so much!

Mandi-- french would have sucked COMPLETELY if it werent for you. you make my life fun. woo hoo!

Cammy-- ive never met you. yet i feel like ive known you forever. dont ask me why. we just seem incredibly similar. i will meet you one day. it will be fun. thats all there is to it. and you like flyleaf, so, you are amazing. haha

James-- dude, i love you. your so awesome. i dont even know what makes you that way, you just are. haha. i really dont know what else to say besides that. your mismatched outfit is great! =]

Bobby-Jack-- you are the master of the little known bits of useless information. and its those bits of info that always seem to make me laugh...shooting down your ego is fun for me. (its all out of love, and you know it..) you are odd. but i love you anyways!

Daniel-- im glad im friends with you. its been quite the rollercoaster for us. (good, bad, hell, akward, and back to good) we seem to understand each other pretty well. i like that. we have conversations with actual meaning. youre pretty strange, but i love you all the same!

Luke-- i barely know you. but thats ok. you are still a pretty cool guy. youre hilarious. (case and point, the saftey i shall see you at the WU! i love you buddy!

Sean-- your my brother. i feel i should include you in this. you sleep in a closet. haha..sorry..i still find that hilarious...anyways. your my brother. i love you. you annoy the hell out of me. but you were always there to stop bad things from happening to me. so that makes you pretty cool.

ok..i saved this as a editing it scared. we blogged the same kinda thing.........eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. haha

Friday, July 20, 2007

my mom is the COOLEST!

yesterday. it was sooooooooooo awesome. sean came up for dinner with our grandparents. it was ok. we took him home yesterday. he lives in kokomo...
anyways. mom noticed that seans shoe was falling apart. so she was going to buy him new chucks. we were walking to journeys, we passed the hot topic. mom asks if i want to go in, i say no, i wanted yarn, i knew that id end up buying a band shirt if i went in, so i resisted. we bought sean shoes. we were walking to the car. we got to hot topic again. mom walks in. sean and i follow. we walk over to the wall o tshirts. mom says what one do you like (i point out the flogging molly shirt that i DONT own.) she says get it. I WAS SHOCKED. happy. but shocked. so mom bought me a flogging molly shirt. after we left the mall mom wanted to go eat before she went and bought sean groceries. we were driving. and it hit me. i yell. MOM, PANERA!!! EAT AT PANERA. she says. ok. and goes to it. KABAM! i win...twice...we eat at panera...someone..tell me..could this day get ANY dont think so...we went and bought sean groceries at the walmart that he happens to work at. ahaha. then we took sean back to his house. he sleeps in a closet btw...yeah. you read right...closet. its a nice closet...but now i get to make jokes like.....ahaha sean came out of the closet. ahahaha. yay. then mom and i went home. arjay took me to get yarn. (for my arm warmers) green, pink, electric blue, and black (3).

great day.
thought id share

i heart my mom. shes cool.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Epworth Forest.

great place. ahaha.

our group stayed in red wing.

baaaaaad plumbing in that place. real bad!



what to say about camp... hmm..

i know. i will break it down by days. ahaha im a genius..


we got there at around 5ish..

we unloaded and unpacked. red wing looked ok. really old decor, but nice..

evening service was amazing

HOT..but amazing.

we heard Abandon..worship band..and Kerry O'Brien..speaker.

that night we had prayer and share (the whole group sits in a circle and we talk.)

Mike just talked about how camp was going to be, and then the best part,

PRANKS. he had everyone say if they were in or out. if you were in, you could participate in pranks, that means you could prank, be pranked, or watch pranks happen. if you were out, however, you couldnt even watch one, but you couldnt be pranked at all.

everyone was in.



woke up suuuuuuper early (5:15am) with bethany. we wanted to get showers before everyone else.

bethany and i just chilled until 9.

breakfast happened.

then we left for morning assembly (service)

after that. was PSG's (Peer Small Groups)

that was a fun experience.

my PSG leader was named Carl. he was a cool dude.

he was like 70, but he was, by far, the COOLEST 70 year old ive ever met. haha.

after PSG's we went back to the cabin to eat lunch.

evans mom brought *walking tacos*.

after lunch was activities.

i went kayaking with sam. she tipped us. grr. haha

prayer and share. ewwww.

it was suuuuper emotional.

we were talking about the things in life that were bothering us.


all i could think about was my dad.

not gonna go into that right now...but....ahhhhhhh. it was bad. i cried. i hate crying.


i decided to screw waking up early. i got up at 8:50 (ten minutes til breakfast..haha)

morning assembly was fun. always was.

abandon is AMAZING. allie, bethany, and i would always run up and get to the front, so we could mosh. haha moshing at church camp. great stuff....

ahaha now for the interesting thing..

that nite was the first *official prank*

it was completely unintentional.

SOMEONE in the girls side, plugged up a toilet....

lacey went to plunge it.

ten minutes afterwards..

mike discovers a cascading waterfall of poo water coming down the walls of the counselor bathroom (directly below the girls bathroom)


that nite....the guys came over, threw stink bombs in our side of the cabin. ewww.

then there was an all out waterballoon fight..



um....biggest thing that happened that day was...the guys took all of the girls mattresses...haha. good one...really. i was proud...

I WENT TUBING...hahahaha funny experience

communion nite....

it was nice. no tears. which was good.

after service, kerry concecrated the elements of communion...

then everyone was given a little candle....

we all walked back to our cabin...

we did communion as a cabin. it was nice.

prayer and did it...i think..idk...


bethany and i wanted to get the guys back.

right before we left for afternoon service we went up to the guys bathroom and turned off all the water to their sinks...and one toilet. the other toilet we messed with..... we took a pen, pulled out the ink, so its an empty tube...connect it to the tube in the tank of the toilet....balance the pen tube on the edge of the tank. put the lid back on. they flush it. KABAM. they get sprayed with water...tada...

commitment nite..

we looked perdy....

it was a giant altar call basically. it was a bit emotional. i cried a little.

HOTSEAT..prayer and share..

hotseat is where one person sits in the center of the circle, and people say nice things about you.

we got through 7 people in two hours....there were 33 of us..

we went to sleep...


urm...sam, allie, and i spent like 2 hours at shaky ground. we talked how it sucks...and how its ok...

after evening service, we took a mile long hike in the woods...

along the way...the drama team (amazing) had their own little skits to do.....

1st one--one nite stand...

2nd one-- anorexic w/bulemic tendancies

3rd one-- guy stuggling with alcohol *cries*

4th one-- cutter

it was a big trigger for some (including myself...but shhhhhhhh)

i didnt like it all that much..

but i was proud of myself for making a mile long hike in the woods.

it was a bit emotional too.

hotseat was continuted tonite...

my turn.

i was surprised.

some people said things about me, i wasnt expecting them to. thanks!

learned something about jason.

he wants go into youth ministry.


jason is fun

he'd make a good youth pastor.



we woke up super early to clean.

check out was at 8:45.

we got checked out.

we left.

ta da. that was camp.

in a nutshell.


i forgot.

dance parties.


after lunch.

awesome times.


ok im done


blah blah blah.

um. hi.
for starters, im not good at the blog thingys.
i know you're just supposed to write about whats on your mind, but...
i cant ever find the words. going to try my best.

i pay attention to grammar in english class.
thats it.
my punctuation will be wrong
things that SHOULD be capitalized, probably wont be.
things WILL be misspelled.
dont correct me.
i KNOW that they are wrong.
i may like it that way.
deal with it.
if you have OCD about it.
im sorry.
i may sound bitchy. but really. im not.
i promise.