Wednesday, March 31, 2010

While i realize that i started trying to do this over an hour ago, here ya go kayla. be happy. :]

Monday, March 8, 2010

Reason #1 to NOT procrastinate:

Monday- March 8th 2010- 2 days before Tampa departure

9am- Wake up

10:10am- Orgo

12:20pm- Biology

1:25pm- Criminal Justice

2:30pm- Dr. Reck's Office Hours

4pm- Summer Internships Information Meeting

4:40pm- Orgo Discussion

6pm- Tanning w/ Chelsea

7:30pm- Studying Orgo w/ Angela and Deidre

10-11pm- Start Laundry

12-1am- Fold Laundry and Pack

1-2am- Bed

I do not stop doing things until 1-2am. Tomorrow = WORST MONDAY EVER.

Thanks, self. Thanks a ton.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

another post full of nothing.

What up, kids?
Not much new with me, but i'm bored, so i'm blogging.

I leave for florida in a week. i'm quite excited. beef, i got somethin planned thats gonna make you giggle, but you'll have to wait til i post pictures to see what my plan is. youre gonna laugh. just know that.

dad seems to be getting excited about my arrival. its nice. i get to meet mrs. butterworths and grape nuts. he wants me to see them. [these are two cats who my dad, the cat hater, has taken under his wing. its quite cute, really.]

i'm excited about the busch gardens adventure with chelsea [i think imma start calling her C-Twizzler. why? because it puts a smile on my face] and my cousin. deryk may or may not know that i will be in florida. i texted him once, but he did not respond. hmmm. well. he'll know once i get there. i have an inkling that he will be the one picking us up from the airport. we arrive at 10:40pm. my dad is old. he will more than likely be asleep.

other good news, i am 95% sure that i will be going up to purdue in a couple weeks to see the beef. i am quite excited about this as well. c-twizzler and i will be going for a weekend. its going to be the best time everrrr!!

i have a criminal justice exam friday. i'm gonna own it.

didnt have an orgo quiz today [a quiz i would have passed with flying colors, damnit.]
why didnt we have a quiz? because dr. reck felt compelled to attend class to clear up mechanisms that were taught in her absence. why? because she got a slew of nasty hate mail from C341 students saying she was horrible for not coming to class and teaching when she was sick.
what was she sick with, you ask? the flu. and pneumonia. fuckin a. really? i was pissed when i heard her say she actually got hate mail. she got so worked up about it. she felt horrible, both emotionally and physically. she cried in class. i wanted to hug her. not necessarily because i felt bad for her [although, i did] but because she just looked so sick and sad. :[ boo. but damn, she taught those mechanisms like a champ. i now fully understand things such as oxymercuration and hydroboration. miracle? i think so. dr. reck got a slow clap at the end of class.

i emailed her thanking her for crawling out of bed and into class today. she replied saying that she didnt intend for people to pity her and she felt quite foolish for wearing her heart on her sleeve like she did. my reply? pish posh, lady! [okay. not those exact words] i did tell her that there was no need to feel that way. we all understood why she acted the way she did. she was really sick. no disrespect, but she looked some kinda awful. death warmed over, if you will. poor lady. i hope she doesnt come to class again til she feels better. she kept getting dizzy while up there teachin. i thought she was gonna pass out. :[ feel better dr. reck!!!

i went to my criminal justice review session tonight.
how'd it go?
b-hiddy [thats what we're supposed to call him when we see him on the streets] sang this bit of a beyonce song:

Girl I didn't know you could get down like that
Charlie, how your Angels get down like that
Girl I didn't know you could get down like that
Charlie, how your Angels get down like that

and he did a bit of the macarena.
he concluded the session by putting asterisks next to the topics that each exam question covered, essentially telling us what to study and what to ignore.
time well spent? i think so.

okay. i'll go now. g'night!