Thursday, August 28, 2008

yay college!

i'm at IU. finally. after 18 years of life, im in college.

i'm still iffy about it, actually.
im excited to be here, but at the same time i miss everyone.
i miss my friends. i have almost no one here with me. yes, i have gabby, and thats all fine and dandy, really. but i dont have anyone else. and thats upsetting. i miss everyone. i reaaaaaally miss jordan. like ferreal. i didnt think that would hit me this early. i saw him tuesday after all.. but i do. i think its because i realize that i probably wont see him for a while, and that makes me sad. really really sad. ive gotten out of the dorm a bit. but i figured something out about myself, i cant approach people and talk to them. its hard for me to do. so, because of this, i havent met many new people. i mean, ive got nicki [the roommate] and ashley [seans girlfriend] but lets face it, other than people i've already known, ive made maybe 4 new friends since ive been here. i dont just randomly walking up to a group of people and introducing myself. thats not me.

but, dont get me wrong. i'm having a blast. today gabby and i went up to the college of arts and sciences expo at the IMU. that was fun. after that we went to culture fest. i didnt stay with gabby for long, i went back to the dorm for a bit. [i had a package of printer paper that was getting a little heavy] so, i dropped that off, chilled in the room for a bit then went out exploring. i got to know a bit of the campus.







ok. all done.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the updated version




the 'Fiends' list

this is for you, my dearest kayla:


chem lab fiends
independent study fiends
wasting time in bio fiends
wasting time in general fiends
starbucks fiends
tard park fiends
wing day fiends
soap opera watching fiends
tard swinging fiends
delicious music fiends
watersliding fiends
brownie making fiends
antwooon drawing fiends
Q-word making fiends
new word making fiends
college-going fiends
dance-making fiends
idle-threat making fiends

cornhole fiends

i cant think of any more...

but there you go kayla..the fiend list.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

the last post before college...maybe...

i'm doing my shout out post now. i leave for college soon. i'm excited/scared/nervous/sad/every other possible emotion known to man. i dont know what college has in store for me, but i'll do it. i'll get through it. i know i will. i found out who my roommate is today, her name is nicki wishart. we texted for a bit earlier. she seems nice. i still dont know much about her yet, though. willis is in florida being a beach fiend, i miss him. but, he comes home soon, so its all good. :]

now for the purpose of this post. the shout outs.

my dear friends. i am leaving you very soon, or rather, YOURE ALL LEAVING ME! DAMN YOU AND YOUR STARTING EARLY!!! its a sad thought, but its also very exciting. i will mis you all terribly.

Kayla-- oh dearest kayla. how i love you. you and i are a fun couple of people. the words we make up, the funny we create, and the cheesey soap operas we watch. im going to miss all that. youre an amazing person. im going to miss poking fun at the mullafro. im going to miss all your silly little threats. i love you kayla.

Jordan-- Willis, Jordan..whatever i decide to call you... you are amaaaaaaaaaaazing. you and i, we fit. we fit well. i love us. i love all that we have. you make me so unbelieveably happy. i want you to know that i love you. i am going to miss the hell out of you. i love having you around all the time, and when that stops, it'll be hard, but we're us. we can do it. i love you. please dont miss me too much, i will be back. <3

Jen-- jen, jen, jen. you are an amazing person, my dear. you and i didnt really start talking til this year, but i'm so very glad that we did. you are one crazy chick. and i love that. the words youve just randomly blurted out will stay with me forever. i am going to miss you a lot, jen. i hope you have an amazing life. have fun in college.

Allie-- you are going to have so much fun in college, i have a feeling. try not to let your dorm get too messy... i love you allie. youre amazing. i will forever miss our pasta fridays, our random burn parties, and the late night conversations about absolutely nothing. im going to miss you dear, im going to miss you a lot.

ok. i know there are more people. but i'm far too lazy to type them all right now.. ill add them in later. i love you guys.