Thursday, December 31, 2009

we be beefs fo lyfe, yo

This is the shout out post guys. a post where i say delightful things about you in hopes of starting your year off with something nice. :] enjoy.

Chelsea Tooley. My future roomie. My twilight addicted counterpart, i love you. i love our grey's nights, our tough love nights, and our.. hmm. we dont have other nights. but. i love you just the same. i am so excited for our move to btown. its gonna be awesome!

K-bizzle. there you go. i gave you a gangsta name. imma call you K-bizzle forever now. you are my co-bffffff [or co-beef if you prefer] you be my numba one ho fo lyfe, mayyyne. ferreals though, i love you. you keep me in check and you always know when i need a pick me up or an insult. youre very intuitive with all that. you and i are two peas in a pod and i love you for it, k-bizzle.

Mr. Joshua Dominguez, you are one cool cat. without you, i would not eat. i love our meals together. i love that youre fun and stuff. IU is much more fun with you around, sir. i less than three you.

Chelsea Wilkerson. you and i always have such fun together, even though we NEVER hang out for more than a half hour at a time. :p i miss you. come see me more often. when i live in bloomington, we're about to have such fun. i love you dear! i'm glad you put up with my nonsense!

Jen, my dear jen. i love you, too. you and i are awesome. i love hanging out with you. youre crazy, and fun. bucket game year two was super fun thanks to you. maybe you should come to IU more often. we could have a blast together. I know i can always call you if i need you, or if i need some outlandish humor in my life. thanks for that, yo. love you jen!

Allie Doll, or.. Smith i guess. you date my brother, only god knows why. but i like you, so i wont complain too much. youre funny, and you agree with the fact that its okay that i look cute every so often. silly sean. i love when you creep on my facebook and comment everything i do. its super fun. i love you allie!!!

Kendra Hollinger. I will admit, i dont know you super well yet, but i love you anyways. :] you are super fun to hang out with and youre nice as can be. not to mention, you can work wonders with some scissors and my hair. i love you!!!!!

Sean. or.. Chuck i guess. no. no no. youre sean to me. sorry. :p i tried. youre my big brother who cannot seem to cope with the fact that i am growing up. youre gonna have to get over that, sir. sorry to say. :p you and i have hung out a bunch over the past year. i'm glad we got over that hating each other thing. its nice.

"Well I wanted something better man I wished for something new "

[Song: Wheels- Foo Fighters]

this post is going to be a hodgepodge of 'end of the year' things. a shout out post, a reflection on the past year, new years resolutions, and of course, the 20 most favorite moments of 2009. :] prepare yourselves for a long one, folks. :]

first, i will compare and contrast resolutions and things from last year. 2009 was great overall. i started out quite happy. i was doing really well in school, i had made new friends, i had successfully kept in touch with my co-beefs, and i had a great relationship going. my life was great. there were things i wanted to do, and things i had planned to do. some happened, some did not. i didnt make any resolutions for 2009, so i guess i can say i stuck to em. :D as the year progressed, i made more friends, strengthened existing friendships. one thing that did happen, that all of you know about, i ended a year and half long relationship. it was the best move for both parties, and has been accepted. thats all i'll say about that. overall, i am happy with how 2009 worked out.


10. getting back to bloomington to see all muh friendsies!
9. florida vacation! deryk is the coolest cousin ever.
8. movies at the whitt with chelsea tooley.
7. lunches at read with josh. :p
6. doing exceedingly well in my classes first semester.. you know.. minus that one..
5. deciding to move to bloomington permanently.
3. cobra concert
2. party in mcnutt

okay, so.. that was only ten. i cant think. not my fault. :] lets elaborate on some things though. i've decided to move to bloomington this coming august. i'll be movin in with the wonderful chelsea tooley. how exciting! she's my other bff. <--note the two f's. not five. that is something i'm quite excited about. i will be a permanent resident of bloomington. how awesome is that?!

on a completely different note. something that i embraced this year, being a true college kid. oh how much fun it has been. and tonight.. oh boy. :D there will be lots of fun, debauchery, and sledding! i am spending my new years eve with my crazy haired co-beef, kayla. its gonna be AWESOME!

now for some resolutions:

1. pass orgo. its not an option this time folks. i'm gettin that B.
2. make more friends.
3. spend more time studying and not bullshitting time away.
4. dont let the little things get to me.
5. spend some time at the SRSC. i gotta become better friends with that elliptical!
6. cook a massive meal for all my friends.
7. party with nicki. that could be fun.
8. continue the bucket game tradition. thats not gonna be hard.
9. call the best friend forreals more often. sam misses me, i know it. :]
10. continue enjoying my life.

thats all for this post. i'll do the shout outs in another one. :D love ya!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stumble Upon FTW!

this has to be the GREATEST thing ever to have hit the internet.

Click Here

kayla, i gotta quit copying you.. :p

Today, I drew faces on my tangerines & made little screaming noices as I peeled their 'skin' off. most fun I've had all weekend. MLIA.

i feel like my friends and i could spend hours doing this, especially if it were to take place at a starbucks. :]

Monday, December 28, 2009

Just like sands through the hour glass...

So, I realized something about myself. I need to quit watching TV. Here's why:

I noticed that when watching a show, if I feel that it should work out a certain way and it does not, I find myself legitimately upset afterward. albeit not a long time, I still feel a degree of upset-ness. I understand that this is not normal. Now, I will provide you with examples and you can give me your take on things.

1. For you avid House watchers: Chase and Cameron, those two are so damn cute together. they WERE together. and now they aren't. this is annoying to me. I am currently watching the episode where Chase kills a brutal dictator, this action eventually leads to the demise of his relationship with Cameron. Its really sad, the ending of this episode is almost a tear-jerker.. almost.

2. My only other main example is one that only Kayla will understand. Days of Our Lives a.k.a the BEST SHOW EVERRR. [Yes.. I know that this show has a demographic of old lonely housewives and cleaning ladies, and I am 19 years young.. but this show is so darn captivating, I cannot help myself. I'm sure you understand.] This is a show that is nothing but good quality acting and life-altering plot lines. Now. Here's where this blog gets lengthy. I am going to ATTEMPT to make the relationships in this show make sense to you readers. Here it goes..

Victor/Kate/Vivian/Stephano: Victor Kiriakis was once married to Kate Roberts. Kate and Victor had a son, Phillip. Vivian Alamain wanted to be with Victor, so she stole Kate's fertilized egg [Phillip] and carried it to term. Victor and Vivian did get married. They also got divorced. Vivian is back to avenge her nephew, Lawrence's death. Carly Manning Killed him. Victor is reconnecting with Vivian simply to irk Kate. See.. Kate married Victor's biggest enemy. Stephano DiMera This enemy also attempted to kill Phillip. Because of this union, Phillip has disowned his mother. This action gives Vivian all the more motivation to act as Phillip's mother, delusional, i know.

Carly/Bo/Hope: Bo and Hope Brady are married. Their marriage is quickly crumbling, however. This is due to the presence of Bo's ex-fiance, Carly Manning. Carly was married to Lawrence Alamain, but she had to kill him to protect herself. In order to avoid being killed by Lawrence's goons, she runs to salem and to Bo. Bo and Hope's marriage was already in trouble when their daughter, Ciara. Due to the way that situation was handled, and Carly being around, Bo and Hope did a trial separation and Hope moved into the Kiriakis mansion. This did nothing but add to the strain. Hope believed that Carly had other intentions for being in Salem, those intentions being.. Her husband. Hope was right. She recently witnessed her husband and Carly in a liplock. Poor Hope. However, I think Hope is icky. So I like this match for now.

Phillip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: [Here is where all this bs ties into my blog post] This love triangle upsets me to a great degree. Nathan Horton as played by Mark Hapka is a beautiful person. He is quite the eye candy, in my opinion. Not the point, anywho.. Phillip was once happily with Stephanie Johnson. They were engaged and happy until little Mrs. Snootyfalooty decided she wasnt ballsy enough to handle the Kiriakis family. She dumps Phillip. Phillip makes a racy sex tape with Melanie Layton, who had serious feelings for him. This sex tape was not made intentionally but Stephanie didn't care about that. All she cared about was some bitch gettin with her [ex] man. Stephanie gets back with Phillip. Stephanie breaks up with Phillip [its for real this time, folks]. Meanwhile, Nathan Horton, gorgeous doctor boy, devolops a serious liking for Melanie. this match is gold. Melanie likes Nathan a whole bunch too, but she also has feelings for Phillip [lord knows the boy is bad for her.. but ya know.. ]. Because Melanie is incapable of making up her mind in a timely fashion, She keeps kissin Phillip. Nathan had enough of that and broke up with Melanie.. so sad.. i know.. Now, Phillip and Melanie are engaged and Stephanie and Nathan are together. Melanie does not want to be engaged to Phillip. She did it to get her mind off of Nathan. This did not work. Those two are still pining for each other. This whole situation has me in a tizzy. I feel like it relates to twilight kinda.. man.. I'm gonna kick myself for saying that.. but it totally does. Twilight has Team Edward and Team Jacob. Days has Team Nathan and Team Phillip. I am totally for Nathan. Hmm.. perhaps I should make t-shirts.

The rest of the relationship triangles/squares/other regular polygons dont pertain to anything, not that any of the aforementioned does.. but it was fun for me! maybe i'll finish explaining later. :D

See, When I believe two people need to be together and aren't, I get irritated. So help me.. I think I have a problem. I'm spouting the correlation of relationships of a show 99.99% of you dont care about in the least. :p I'll stop now. kbye!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sunday. monday. tuesday. wednesday. THURSDAYYYY!!

so. i have this friend, shes got crazy mulafro-y hair. i like to think she's pretty awesome. we are total bffffffffs. new years 2010 is about to be the bestest new years ever!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

oh its been a tough semester..

So. the semester is at an end. finally. finals are over. grades are in. i am pleased overall i guess, orgo could have gone ALOT better. i failed my first class. ever. its sad. but you know what? orgo is impossibly difficult when you have a professor that is condescending and rude. anywho. thats not what this post is about.

today is christmas. i am overwhelmingly pleased. i didnt unwrap a single gift, but still made out like a bandit. i'll make a list.

mom & arjay: $75 pre-loaded visa & an ipod touch [coming in january]
grandma: $15 in starbucks cash and an IU blanket
lee: $50 in b-dubs cash
kim & barry: $25 in itunes cash [just spent that on songs and a movie]
jane & ed: $25
dad: $200 [already spent :p]

see. good christmas. positively lovely. i am pleased. kayla, i know you'll read this eventually. we need to go to b-dubs and then to starbucks. all in the same day. it will be lovely.

thats all for now folks. have a lovely christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jack Wilson Clarke II <33

A tribute to an incredible man..

He was a man among men, a man who stood above the rest. He was a loving, caring, brilliant, and funny man. He always knew what to say to make any situation better, and he knew what to say to get a little girl to eat her green beans. He was a husband, a father, a brother, and an uncle. But perhaps what is most important to me, he was a grandpa. He was my grandpa. I will always remember him as a very witty and loving person who told the most interesting stories. I will also remember those moments when I heard grandma yell "Jack!" to grandpa, who was asleep and snoring on the couch. (there were a lot of these moments.. ) I'll always remember the letter he wrote me just before I went off to college. He told me to stay away from people lathered in oil and to never forget "liquor before beer.." He ended this letter by telling me that he was proud of me and the young woman I was growing up to be.

Here's the thing you didn't know, grandpa.. I am far more proud of you than you ever could be of me. You were a great husband, and a great father and grandfather. You were a rock for all of us. You demonstrated great strength all the way to the end. You faced more challenges in a short amount of time than most men face in a lifetime, and yet you would always smile and say "Hi Dani, how are you sweetie?" every time you saw me. Your body was weak at the end, but you were still unbelievably strong. For that, you are my hero. I only hope to be as great a person as you were. Even though we all miss you terribly, we know that you are staring down at us probably smiling in your subtle way. We all know that you're better this way. You're healthy and happy now. We accept that and are happy for it. But you will always be missed. You will always be on our minds and in our hearts. We love you grandpa. I love you. please hear this and know that.

Love always,
Dani and Your Family

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my "before the year ends" resolutions.. that i intend to keep.

so, as '09 comes to a close, kinda soonish, i feel the need to make a few promises to myself. things i feel i want to accomplish before the year ends. nothing impossible, maybe highly improbable, but not impossible. here goes.

1. get this drivers license thing everyone raves about. i realize i wont have the license, but i'll have the permit. good enough.

2. go to a damn party. most of you may think this goal is silly, but its not. i'm in my third semester here at IU, and have yet to party. tsk tsk tsk. this must be remedied. *IM's chelsea* we'll see what comes of it.

3. PASS ORGO. jesus h christ. if i dont, suicide is inevitable. just sayin.

4. stop stressing so much over things. i'm going to give myself an ulcer if i keep going on worrying about life so much. i need to loosen up.

5. have a kickass time during the IU/Purdue football game weekend. my two bestest friends will be here, and i have to show them a great time.

6. print off pictures from the past year and a half of school to fill up my wall.

7. beat allie at scrabble.

8. pull an all nighter. this is only because i feel i am the only college kid who has yet to do this. i have not stayed up past 2 am on a night before i have class.. ever. i wonder if this is an accomplishment or a fail. you tell me.

9. have my little brother visit for a weekend. he needs it. he'd have fun.

10. have my big brother visit for a weekend. he doesnt need it. he'd have fun.

11. i'm running out of resolutions.

12. oh. one more. build some muscle. i'm a weakling.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"i am no hero, but i do know one thing. where you are is where i wanna be." Where are you going- Dave Matthews Band

so, tonight i'm going to post something pretty deep. prepare yourselves. the subject is opinions of others. she may kill me for posting about her, but heres the situation that is prompting all this. i have a friend who we'll call kate. [no. not her real name.] kate is in an extremely controversial relationship. she fell in love with someone, a married, father, someone. we'll call him chris. most, including myself, dont agree with that particular set of conditions. however, chris treats kate like a princess, like she is the only girl on the planet. they are so unbelievably blissful and happy with one another. chris has been unhappily married for quite some time and agrees that he didnt get things right the first time around, and knows that what he's doing isnt necessarily the RIGHT thing, in terms of morality, but he strongly feels as though kate is the one for him. and she feels the same way. seeing these two together you can just tell that they are meant for each other, no matter the circumstance on how they met.

most would argue that kate is a "homewrecker" or a "slut", and they could be totally justified. but at the same time, its not really the case. while the majority of society would shun this relationship, and they wouldnt condone cheating in any way, shape, or form, this relationship is different. its different in that chris is unhappily married, but feels bound to his wife because of the child they share, and mind you, he has every intention of ending things with his wife. its a matter of time before this happens.

i guess i should get to my point, eh?

the friends of both involved have their own opinions on the matter. some agree. some dont. for example, kate has a friend we'll call marie. marie does nothing but question and grill kate on the subject of her relationship everytime they speak. she is very open on how horrible the two are being, and how they are ruining the lives of people. she backhandly calls kate a whore and all that good stuff. which again, is justified to an extent.

but shouldn't we as her friends put our own opinions aside? i think so. again, if you saw these two together, you'd get it. you'd see how much they mean to one another, how much they love each other. i know, its morally corrupt, i understand that. but again, the opinions of others shouldnt really matter here. at all. i mean, i know they ask about it. but in the end, its the two of them that decide how their lives are lived.

so i guess what i'm trying to get across here is, no matter how much we disagree with something a good friend of ours does, shouldnt we at least support them in what they want to do? shouldnt we be happy for them as long as they're happy? in the event that something go awry, then we can be angry and say the i told you so's if need be. but i think overall, no matter our opinions on what our friends do, the main focus should always be on their happiness. no matter what.

to kate and chis, you guys will last, i really feel that you will. i know i hardly know you, chris. but i like you. you treat my friend like she should be treated. she had a pretty shitty relationship a while back, something she still has to handle, and you do nothing but make her the happiest i've ever seen her. i dont know the whole story with your wife, but i'm confident that you will do what is right in time. i know youre not an asshole, and that you have a heart of gold. you will do whats best for her, and your son. who, by the way, is quite adorable.

and to you kate, i love you, you know that. i'm so glad you and i have become friends this year. i like having you around. you listen to my rants and stories about nothing, you help me out. you save me from boredom, and eat with me once a week. :D but really, i'm glad you've found this guy. i see how happy he makes you. just know that nobody's opinion but yours is the one that matters. on anything, but especially this. do what makes you happy, kid. dont worry about the people who talk down to it, and you. they dont matter. something tells me you know that though.

and to anyone that reads this. i know your initial opinions on this will more than likely be negative. so please, dont comment anything rude. thats not necessary. if you know these people, dont expose their real names. i'm doing this because i wanted to let them know that while a lot of people might hate them for this, someone is on their side.

and if any of these statements are untrue, please tell me and i will correct them. also, if you guys want anything added, i can do that too.


edit: i have been asked to make this clear, chris wants everyone to know that his wife is NOT a bad person. she's a lovely person, for the most part. its not that shes a bad person. they just dont mesh anymore. so please, dont think that his wife is a bad person. thank you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

my glade candle is making me sick.

nice title, eh? i told myself to title it with the next thought that came to mind. i happen to have one of those flameless candles sitting on my desk, and the smell is starting to make me ill. not that any of you care. so i'll stop rambling for now.

i think its time for a photo post.

The photo to the left there, thats Ballentine. See the third and fourth set of windows? i have to hike up over 125 stairs to get to class some days. now. does anyone want to place bets on how long it'll take me to get a matching scar above my right eye?

Ladies and Gents, Sample Gates. any time you see IU on the news for anything, a photo of these gates always gets shown. its sort of the symbol of IU, not entierly sure why, but they sure are spiffy looking. oh. and here's josh's reason why : "Dani, They're like the asshole of IU" on one side you've got campus, and on the other, you've got kirkwood.
that made me giggle.

This is the Auditorium/Theatre and Showalter Fountain. this area is the heart of campus, very pretty. but i do believe that showalter could stand to get soaped a bit more often. thats always fun to see in the morning. a fountain overflowing with lots of bubbly goodness.

This my dear friends, is Chelsea. She is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. in this picture, we are at a BSHS/BNHS football game. North and South are rivaling schools, so it was sort of a big deal. it sort of shocked me when i saw that football was a big thing around here. that stadium was PACKED. it was so much fun. :D

Okay folks. i'll post again later. :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Blog, New year.

Well hello there everyone. and by everyone, i mean the small amount of people that know this exists at this point. i decided to start a new blog. the old one just got too neglected and i am hoping for somewhat of a fresh start with this one.

so. sophomore year has begun and there are a few things worth noting thus far.

1. i dont think my classes will kill me. they'll be hard, but i dont think i'll contemplate death nearly as much as last year. :p i'm in organic chem, biology [the biology of chemical mechanisms, basically the back half of AP bio from senior year. yippee! T.T], trig, biology lab, and french. see. not too bad.

2. i am waaaaay more social this year than i was last year. i've made more friends in the past two weeks than i did in a semester last year. this is a good thing. i'm glad i am not so shy anymore.

3. i am hoping like mad that i get a job this year. i've applied to a dozen places in the union, and heard nothing. so that blows. but i've also applied to campus libraries and bookstores. we'll see what comes of that.

well. thats the update for now. check back later, i might have something interesting. :]
oh. and perhaps a photo post.

and kayla. this is for you. I LOVE COLLEGE and I LOVE IU. :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Something that made me think of allie and kayla. from ""

(603): Pretty sure somebody just said 'I used to have a nipple'
(1-603): that's awkward

this made me giggle.
and think of allie and kayla.
check out the site:

Click here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

wow. just.. wow.

In August 2007, a woman in Rochelle, Ga., successfully committed the crime of purchasing and ingesting crack cocaine. But after she split her purchase and smoked one third, she found she wasn't intoxicated. Fearing that she had been ripped off, the woman, 53-year-old Juanita Marie Jones, called local police to enlist their help to "get her money back." When deputies arrived at her home, she showed her purchase to them, and they promptly arrested her for possession of crack [source: AP].

Friday, February 20, 2009

is my party and i'll cry if i want to.


today is my besties 19th birthday.
i was going to sing her a song via her voicemail, but she answered the phone when i called. so. she gets a blog instead.

Happy birthday my dear, i hope it was a good one.

-love ya

Saturday, February 14, 2009

oh windows

so. microsoft has reached a whole new level of stupid today.
i just saw a commercial for windows photo gallery thing. the 4 1/2 year old one.

at the end.
they had a new slogan.

"windows, life without walls"
correct me if i'm wrong.. but..
if you didnt have walls, you couldnt have windows.. yes?

really dumb.
really funny.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i get to bitch now.

i have a new pet peeve.
like ferreal.
it REALLY bothers me.

i've gone downstairs twice now, i want to wash my blankets and whatnot.
both times ive been down there some dumb bitch was loading three washers with her clothes.
i absolutely hate people like that.
wash what you need, not all of your clothes at once.
its really fucking annoying to people like me who have to walk down 4 floors of stairs just to get to the laundry room to see your dumb self filling all the washers.

i'm done.
i'm highly annoyed.

i hate high maintenance girls. really. they bother me. a lot.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009.

So. it is now 2009. time to talk about 08 in review.

it was a good year for me. it really was.
i graduated.
i went to college.
i'm growing up. [scary scary thought]

there were lots of awesome things that happened last year. starbucks nights. wing days. youth nights. awesome adventures with friends. i can honestly say that it was a greaaaat year.

i dont have any resolutions for 09.
i never keep them. ever.
i'm done making resolutions.
so i'll say this. i'll just have fun.
i'll have fun with my friends.
i'll have fun at school.
i'll have fun at home.
i'll just have fun.
i like fun.
its my fav.

okay. i'm done rambling now. :]
happy new year.