Friday, April 30, 2010


Well, its over.
IU round 2 has been a tougher one, but its over. class, anyway.
finals are next week.
biology is a big one. I gotta go well on that one..
orgo, i wish to get a B. we'll see.
criminal justice. ha.
health. hahahahaha.

in other news. i'm having a positively craptastic day. boo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I got out of "An Inconvenient Truth"

1. "..And in the distance you can hear a cow.. moo."

2. Student [looking at the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa]: "Hey, did those two fit together at one time?"
Teacher: "No! What a preposterous idea!"
Al Gore [He's telling this story]: That student went on to be a drug abuser and a ne'er do well. That teacher went on to be a lead scientific adviser in the current administration."

3. Al Gore: "I'm not going to explain the basics of it. It's just Global Warming." -- It's a film ABOUT GW..

4. "Global Warming.. or.. NONE LIKE IT HOT!"

5. He bounced up and down on a cherry picker..

6. His father was "Breeder of the Month"

7. "I had a dog there. I had a pony there. I could shoot my rifle there."

8. Drunken trees-- not caused by wind damage or alcohol consumption.

9. Al Gore is still quite bitter.

10. Mr. Almost-the-Next-President-of-America-Comedian-Not-Funny-Man

11. "We need to stop using dirty methods"

12. Although this one is quite sad..
"My 6 year old son let go of my hand to run after a friend. He got hit by a car. A machine was breathing for him. We were in the hospital for a month."--This involves GW how? Silly Al Gore.

13.--Who was the genius who put a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood RIGHT NEXT TO a NUCLEAR plant?!--IDIOT

14. It is important to rescue the frog!

15. --This is actually just comical. I'm not making fun of the movie right now--
Chief of the government's environmental program [a man with NO scientific training WHATSOEVER] took it upon himself to completely edit a memo sent by the EPA in regards to the hazardous effects of GW. In his corrections, he told the EPA that they were completely wrong.
The staff of the White House did not take to kindly to this. The man resigned. His very next job? Executive at Exon Mobile.

16. In a clip of Al Gore working on his computer, he had a link that was his own name in his favorites tool bar in his web browser.

Okay. All funny aside, this documentary focuses on two things:

A) That the issue in solving the problem of GW is entirely lack of political will. Politicians tend to have the mindset of "repositioning Global Warming as a theory, and not as fact." If governmental agencies, and not just the US, took the initiative that several have already taken, the steps to combat GW could begin to take place and the planet will immediately benefit. A key point to make is this, political will is a renewable resource.

B) It is a common misconception that the problem is just too big to handle. This is entirely incorrect. We as a society already possess the means and understanding to combat this issue. there are several ways we can lower our CO2 emissions. If we took all possible steps to do so, rates of emission would be lower than that of the 1970's in just a few years.

If nothing is done about the issue, there are several major threats to humanity.

1. Greenland. It is the largest mass of ice in the Northern Hemisphere. Pools of melt-water are rapidly forming on the surface of Greenland. Many think that "oh.. just some lakes.. or whatever". Wrong. These "lakes" extend all the way down to the bed rock. When the melt-water reaches the bed rock, it creates these things called "Moulins", or a layer of water between the ice and rock. When this water layer is formed, it causes the landmass above it to greatly weaken. When the landmass is weak enough, it WILL break apart. If Greenland breaks apart, it will raise the world wide sea level by about 20ft. Coast-lines will disappear. New York City will be almost completely underwater.

2. The Antarctic Peninsula. The same thing that I mentioned as a possibility with Greenland HAS happened here. A major ice shelf on this peninsula developed the same "lakes' that are now forming on the shores of Greenland. ~23 DAYS after scientists took note of these melt-water reservoirs, the shelf was gone.. GONE.

3. To wrap it up, I'll mention the most obvious of all hazards this issue poses. CO2 in the atmosphere. Pollutants in general are on the rise all over the world. This undoubtedly has an effect on the animal and plant life all over the world.

okay. there are about 23490823490 other things I could say on the subject, but I will refrain for now. :]

Congrats to those who have read this far. :]

Sunday, April 25, 2010

best birthday ever. :]

I had the best birthday ever. Best party ever. Filled with cotton eye joe'in, pinata smashing, kings playing, and of course, surprises.

biggest one being this photo right here. My beef showed up after telling me she was ditching me for a boy. I was not pleased. but needless to say, she was forgiven. she showed up. I was happy. :]

This is C-Tooley trying to teach us all how to do the electric slide. We seem to know what we're doing.

This. Is. The. Best. Cake. EVER. Braeden is the best cake designer ever. Brilliant. Michelangelo vs. Edward, more specifically, Cowabunga vs. I twinkle. BEST CAKE EVER. :D

There are a bunch more photos that I want to post, I'm just waiting on people to upload them so I can steal em.

I had the best birthday ever. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.
I love you guys!!!

ps. Beef, good job. good job. :]

Friday, April 23, 2010


Thursday, April 22, 2010

things just cant seem to go my way this week.

didnt do well on that orgo exam. at all.
my entire grade now rests on this final.

my mother is nagging the hell out of me about my cell phone.
no idea why.
perhaps i'm only so irritated because i JUST woke up.
who knows.
i need it to be tomorrow night.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

insert stupid chemistry joke here

I hate organic chemistry.
An exam? During Little 5 week?
Thats just rude.

Monday, April 19, 2010

3 of the 4

Happy Birthday. :]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not that anyone cares..

I just finished the last book in the twilight series.
It ended differently than I thought it would, though not entirely.
I liked the series, despite what all you may think of it. It was entertaining, and isn't that the goal of most books? to be entertaining? :]

I imagine Chelsea and I will have a lot to talk about tomorrow evening. :]

In other news. I have a job this summer. how exciting.
I'm kinda tired. I'll touch on all that tomorrow, perhaps.
I need to get back into this blogging thing. It's fun.

Goodnight. :]

Friday, April 16, 2010


people need to learn to let shit go.
i have.
now its your turn.
its been two months, i mean really. grow a pair.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

right now my life is made up of...

Organic Chemistry
[Nucleophilic Substitution/B-Elimination, specifically]
I'm not at all pleased with this.
Quiz tomorrow.

Season premiere tonight. I'm excited.

Breaking Dawn.
Kayla, keep your heckles to a minimum.
I am about halfway through the LAST twilight novel.
I must say, I'm glad i started reading this series again, despite the constant abuse i receive.

"Can call all you want but there's no one home and you're not gonna reach my telephone! "

[Song. Telephone. Lady GaGa.]

i find it quite odd that, while i consider myself to not be a "phone" person, whenever i am on the phone with my beef, we never talk for less than an hour. ever. we talk about the most crucial of things, obviously. what else could one occupy such a long time frame with? haha. :]

Friday, April 9, 2010

"I have never met someone so prone to life threatening idiocy!"

[quote. alice cullen. new moon.]

i am far too tired to function today. stupid non-skippable class. i wish to be asleep right now.
in other news, other "disappointing" news, i am on page 528 of 629. win. i will have it read by the end of the day.

content aside, this the first book i've managed to read in over a year. i've missed reading. i think that may be a part of why i'm excited about this book, dispite all of the heckling. :p i like what i like kids. i cant help it. i tried. really i did. :p

okay. i am dying of exhaustion. see you later. i have class soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

disappointment blows.

today, was by no means, as awesome as i wanted it to be. boo.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i've learned to stay away from people in leather..

Kayla, K-bizzle, Kaneshwa A. Ghettosofa-

I love you and hate you all at the same time today. you are a brilliant person, and an incredibly mean one at the same time. what a cute little prank. making your beef think she had a crazy stalker on the loose. brilliant.

and jakob, kudos to you sir. that was the finest display of creepery i have ever seen.

this was quite funny. funny enough, in fact, that it gets its own blog post.
on the odd chance that someone other than kayla and allie read this thing, i will describe to you what happened tonight.

i randomly get a text message from a number i do not recognize. this is not alarming because my cell phone number is on facebook. it is on facebook so that on the off chance someone needs to get a hold of me, they can do so. anyway. the conversation went something like this:

Random Number: "Hey there.."

Me: "Hi. I'm sorry, this number looks familiar [i am lying. it doesnt look familiar] but i dont have it saved in my phone. Who is this?"

Random Number: "U didnt save my number... I put it in ur phone myself."

Me: "Um. I'm sorry? Who is this? :["

Random Number: "I think your cripply leg is sexy."

Me: "Okay. So clearly you know me. :p Please, I would love to talk to you. Just tell me who you are. Thank you. :]"

Random Number: "I'm still shocked you dont remember me. Do u remember a guy with red and blue hair dressed in black leather?"

Me: "Nope. :["

Random Number: "Awww dang. Well i just thought i'd let you know ur a great kisser."

Me: "You have got to be messing with me. I dont know who you are, unless this is one of two people, whose numbers i both have. Please tell me who you are. Please?"

Random Number: "Well maybe its one of those two.. What ppl do you know who wear leather and know ur a good kisser?"

Me: [i'm a little freaked at this point, thinking i had blacked out or something one night.. :p] "Neither of them. Please. just tell me who you are. it would make my day. Why? because obviously i know you well enough for you to call me out on the cripply leg thing. I feel like we're friends or something. so please, for the sake of my sanity, tell me who you are. i'm begging you. :p"

at this point i have called kayla, told her i have been texted by a creeper. i ask her to look up the number to see if its some friend of ours. she comes back with nothing. i tell her its all good, i'll just call carrie. she may have the number. while on the phone with carrie, my room phone rings. there is a man voice on the other end. i tell carrie i will call her right back. i talk to this person on the other end of my phone. their voice sounded unnervingly familiar.

i asked them who they were. still no answer. they just told me how sad they were that i did not remember them because i had told them that i really liked them. at this point i am racking my brain trying to figure out how i could have met this stranger. the toga party with jen immediately comes to mind. but i remember every person i met at that party. i know i didnt black out that night. i know i didnt. so. i ask this stranger to at least tell me how he knows who i am. mind you, i'm freaked out because this person has my room number, which only a few people know. he tells me we have a class together. this is when i really start freakin out. anyone that lives on campus has the ability to get my number. all they have to do is ask the center desk of my residence hall for it. and if this person was as good a creeper as they say they are, they would have known that.

i ask him to tell me what class we have together. he replies with: "criminal justice". i think to myself: "who the hell have i talked to in that class". i told him i had talked to no one from that class. he then tells me that he sees me in there all the time. i am intensely freaked out at this point. i wanted to know who he was. i asked. i heard laughing a couple times, and asked who was around him. he said it was his computer. anyway. i ask a few more times. he eventually starts laughing and says this: "i knocked over the hookah and you needed to go get detergent."

immediately i knew who this was. jakob. then i hear kayla in the background "beeeeeef!" i call them all bitches and assholes and what have you. this was brilliant, but it did not change the fact that i was about to have a damn coronary. i thought someone was creepin on me in class. weird.

good job guys. i salute you. you all are pure genius. bravo.