Thursday, May 29, 2008


sum 41

Well I won’t be caught living in a dead end job
While praying to my government guns and gods
Now it's us against them
We’re here to represent
To spit right in the face of the establishment.

And now i dont believe (ain't got no faith in nothing)
Stand on my own (ain't got no sympathy)
Wasting the youth (while being young and useless)
Speak for yourself (and dont pray for me)

Well because we're doing fine
And we don't need to be told
That we're here doing fine
Cause we won't give you control
And we don't need anything from you
Cause we'll be just fine
And we won't be bought and sold
Just like you

(A call across the underclass)

Calling out loud with no respect
I’m not the one, just another reject
I’m the voice to offend, All those who pretend
Unsung against the grain I'm here to rise against

And now i'm desensitized ( I state my place in nowhere)
Burning the flag (of the degeneration)
Everyone see (the anthem of no future)
Down with the mass (causes we're not listening)

Well because we're doing fine
And we don't need to be told
That we're here doing fine
Cause we won't give you control
And we don't need anything from you
Cause we'll be just fine
And we won't be bought and sold
Just like you

May I have your attention please…
I pledge allegiance to the underclass as your hero at large.


We’re the saints of degeneration
We don’t owe anyone an explanation
Fuck elitists
We don’t need this
We're the elite of the just alright

Well because we're doing fine
And we don't need to be told
That we're here doing fine
Cause we won't give you control
And we don't need anything from you
Cause we'll be just fine
And we won't be bought and sold
Just like you

yay lyrics.

in other news.
my head is no longer a tornado of emotions.
im liking this.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i think i have all this figured out.
i dont know.


for the first time in nearly a month i woke up feeling not dead.
my insides are no longer waging a war against each other...well..for the most part. but thats besides the point.

uncertainty is still an issue, but i'll get past it.
in the mean time.
i'll say this.

ily homeskillet.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


guess what..
im asking.
tell me whats wrong with you.

Monday, May 26, 2008



Sunday, May 25, 2008

for the record....

imma miss the hell out of you.


last night was fun.

hung out with shay.

willis. i swear, you really have to stop hurting yourself. this is becoming an issue my dear.

now i must go get ready.
i will talk to you all later

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

american idol

gah. american idol was great.

two hours of my life, absorbed into a tv.
im pleased with myself.

david cook, yo.
friggin sweet.
he won by 12 million votes.
damn straight.

mental note: purchase orange juice and stash it in carries car for those icky *i feel like hell* mornings that seem to keep attacking me.
mental note #2: bring bio stuff to school tomorrow.


the park

last night was fun.

the park is amazing.
i love my friends.


ap chem is no fun.

bye bye.

Monday, May 19, 2008


im getting really tired of the sickish feeling i have.
its going on 4 days now.
blah. its annoying.

the battery on this is about to die.

ive been thinking about the whole college thing all day long.
while im excited about it, im also really saddened by it too.

im leaving behind some pretty amazing people.

two in particular.

stacey- she shares my obsessions. i love her dearly.
willis- you are perhaps the most amazing person ever. it makes me sad to leave you. :[

hey... that *critical battery* sign just popped up.
thats my cue to leave.

im going to go get ready for the academic banquet now.
i'll be home around 9 should any of you slackerfaces want to talk to me.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

for future reference...

the word was *SITCHEEEEEEATED*

dani nicknames:

danielle [the real name]
dani [the name i tend to go by]
daniface [its what willis calls me]
danibug [given by my dad]
danikins [given by jo]
frankencripple [thank you jen collins]
cripples mcscarface [this was a team effort: sean, and ann]
cripply [sean is responsible for this one]
speed racer [jon stuart and dennis webb]
danu [fertotally allies fault]
punk [allie and lamar]
molly [ allie houk]
danielley [the father]

snag [jcrunk]
scuttlebutt [only to be used by ann..if you call me this..i kill you]

hmm..not as long as i thought.
those are the nicknames.

Friday, May 16, 2008

this has been a lovely week.

so... this week has been pretty awesome.

monday, i walked to the park to hang out with willis, steven, and josh.
it was a fun time. [minus the parts where willis gave me a heart attack..but..its ok.]
oh yeah, took the bio ap wasnt so bad.

my brain was mush the rest of the day.

wednesday. nothing worth noting.

thurday. boring day.

friday. ooo buddy. amazing day. got up at like 10 ish. did a semesters worth of algebra in two hours.
went to my house. chilled. filled out all my graduation announcement stuff.
then we went to the park.
good god, i love my friends.

mini shout out time.

allie--you tackle hugged me a lot today. i love you.
willis-- you bit me a lot today. but, i think the kajillion hugs i got more than made up for that.
oh, and my arm is wet because of you. XD. i love you too.
steven--who pisses on slides? SERIOUSLY! youre the greatest. bravo.
kayla and jen-- you two are just amazing. plain and simple.

ok. im done for now. mac and cheese time.

i love you<3

Saturday, May 10, 2008

this depresses me.

theres no point in going to warped tour this year.

two reasons.

1. paramore isnt playing in indy.
2. rise against isnt playing in indy, or anywhere near us for that matter.

this makes me sad.

ugh. i was looking forward to this.
now i dont see a point.

oh darnit.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

its twitching like a dying orangutan. :]

from willis' vf:

I can see!
But now I have to re-get used to my glasses.

I blame Dani for finding them.

yay for being able to see!!
im still trying to picture willis with glasses.
i cant do it.

in other news.
i got my orientation stuff for IU today.
im registering right now..

should i go with session A?
we'd have to leave at like.. 5am..ish....

but if i take session B i wont get home til super late the next night.
choices choices.

i need a new computer.
i need a new computer now.

pardon me while i go make this one blow up.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

oh darnit.

obama lost the indiana primary.

i blame my nonvoting self.

why did i miss the deadline.

oh drat.

theres still hope.

so help me if another clinton gets in office...
im moving to canada.

Monday, May 5, 2008

murder the government.

these are some fun lyrics.



I wanna see the constitution burn
Wanna watch the white hourse overturn
Wanna witness some blue blood bleed red

I wanna tar and lynch the kkk
I wanna pull and shoot the nra
I wanna pay the lobbyists to kill themselves
I wanna dose the dea
I wanna join the cia (not really)

Murder the government, murder the government
Murder the government, and then do it again.. yeah
Murder the government, murder the government
Murder the government, and then
Murder the government

Sunday, May 4, 2008

what an amazing weekend.

this has been a great weekend for me.

yesterday was amazingggggg

i would love to say the day was perfect, but..i'd be lying to you.
we had a whole lotta problems.
we got lost, wasted a bunch of gas.
gabby's dinner was icky.
speeding is bad.

here are the good parts though...

academic team won 3rd in math and 2nd in ID.
i got a pretty medal.

we got to prom late, but thats perfectly alright.
it was a blast.
i loved it.

the post prom fun afterwards was amazing too.
i was a loser and fell asleep at 2:30 though.
i fail.

today was a total lazy day.
allie, willis, and i just sat there all day.
it was great.

allie did her seniors today, they're going to be sexy x 5.

now im procrastinating.
i have bio and english homework to do, and chem ap notes i SHOULD start. but will i start them, no. they arent due til friday, i have plenty of time.

ok. i'll do a photo post later.

i love you.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

busiest day EVER!

heres the schedule.

12:00- be dressed in prom stuff, be at nathans to meet up with everyone and do the picture thing.
12:45- leave nathans for lafayette.
2:30- get to purdue, go to the ID team meeting.
3:30- ID team competition
3:45- signal nathan and raver to go to texas roadhouse to save us a table.
4:30- leave academic team stuff, go to texas roadhouse
sometime before dinner- change back into our prom the texas roadhouse bathroom. [gotta love it.]
5:45- leave texas roadhouse.
7:15- get to gabby's so her dad can see her in her prom amazingness.
around 8:15- arrive at the fab 105 for prom.
12:00- ditch prom for the amazing alliedaniwillis party at allies house.

see that..
thats one busy couple of hours.
[keep in mind, i have to do two outfit changes before prom. from dress to academic team shirt, back to dress.....while havin the prom hair goin on.]

im so stoked for today though. no joke. =]