Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my "before the year ends" resolutions.. that i intend to keep.

so, as '09 comes to a close, kinda soonish, i feel the need to make a few promises to myself. things i feel i want to accomplish before the year ends. nothing impossible, maybe highly improbable, but not impossible. here goes.

1. get this drivers license thing everyone raves about. i realize i wont have the license, but i'll have the permit. good enough.

2. go to a damn party. most of you may think this goal is silly, but its not. i'm in my third semester here at IU, and have yet to party. tsk tsk tsk. this must be remedied. *IM's chelsea* we'll see what comes of it.

3. PASS ORGO. jesus h christ. if i dont, suicide is inevitable. just sayin.

4. stop stressing so much over things. i'm going to give myself an ulcer if i keep going on worrying about life so much. i need to loosen up.

5. have a kickass time during the IU/Purdue football game weekend. my two bestest friends will be here, and i have to show them a great time.

6. print off pictures from the past year and a half of school to fill up my wall.

7. beat allie at scrabble.

8. pull an all nighter. this is only because i feel i am the only college kid who has yet to do this. i have not stayed up past 2 am on a night before i have class.. ever. i wonder if this is an accomplishment or a fail. you tell me.

9. have my little brother visit for a weekend. he needs it. he'd have fun.

10. have my big brother visit for a weekend. he doesnt need it. he'd have fun.

11. i'm running out of resolutions.

12. oh. one more. build some muscle. i'm a weakling.