Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i get to bitch now.

i have a new pet peeve.
like ferreal.
it REALLY bothers me.

i've gone downstairs twice now, i want to wash my blankets and whatnot.
both times ive been down there some dumb bitch was loading three washers with her clothes.
i absolutely hate people like that.
wash what you need, not all of your clothes at once.
its really fucking annoying to people like me who have to walk down 4 floors of stairs just to get to the laundry room to see your dumb self filling all the washers.

i'm done.
i'm highly annoyed.

i hate high maintenance girls. really. they bother me. a lot.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009.

So. it is now 2009. time to talk about 08 in review.

it was a good year for me. it really was.
i graduated.
i went to college.
i'm growing up. [scary scary thought]

there were lots of awesome things that happened last year. starbucks nights. wing days. youth nights. awesome adventures with friends. i can honestly say that it was a greaaaat year.

i dont have any resolutions for 09.
i never keep them. ever.
i'm done making resolutions.
so i'll say this. i'll just have fun.
i'll have fun with my friends.
i'll have fun at school.
i'll have fun at home.
i'll just have fun.
i like fun.
its my fav.

okay. i'm done rambling now. :]
happy new year.