Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Shout outs. :)

The shout out post is my favorite one of the whole year. It is my chance to tell all of you how much I love you. :D I hope everyone like it, and if you don't, go away! :)

Beef, what to say about you? You are the bread to my butter. You are the glue that holds me together most days. Whatever would I do without our consistently 30 minute long phone calls? You are the best friend a girl could ever ask for. You are impossibly hilarious and probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. You and me, we're going to be friends forever. Thanks for always being the one I can call for any reason whatsoever. You are "top of the line beef" for sure. :) I love you, bitch.

Roommate soul-mates? Yes please. You have been the worlds greatest friend this year. You have saved me from countless breakdowns. I love our Applebees dates and our movie nights. Living with you is about to be a blast. We have had so many awesome memories in just one year. [ahem..cookie..] I cannot wait til august. Oh, the hilarity that will ensue!! You are a great girl to have around. Dont you forget that. :)

Our car sing-a-longs are the bestest! You were the best finite buddy ever. [too bad that didn't work out as well as we'd hoped. well. not for me anyway. :p] I'm glad we're friends. You're quite funny, and I enjoy laughing with you [and at you... :)]. Can we please hang out more? Thanks.

One word. HOCKEY. You are the only person around this town that understands that part of me. You and I will be friends forever based on this fact alone. That, and the fact that you're awesome. duh. Seriously though, you are fantastic. Hanging out with you is quickly becoming one of my more favorite things to do. Love you!

J-Rad. Ha. You crack me up, kid. It took all that was in me not to put the "squirrel face" picture up here, but on the off chance that you'll ever see this, I decided to be nice to you. Anyways.. You're a pretty fun guy. You are that person that tells me exactly what I don't want to hear, and I actually like that about you. You listened to me ramble about everything nobody cares about and you did it for a whole week. Kudos to you for that, bud. But really, its nice to have you around. Thanks for being awesome.

Quit eating indian food without me, and we'll get along just fine. Bahahaha! You are a great person and I like having you as a friend. Come July, we're about to hang out all the time. I hope C-Wikka is okay with this. If not, meh. She be fine. :)

F-Moneyyyyy! What to say about you? Thanks for eating nasty things and allowing me to laugh at your expense. You da best. :) haha. No no, You really are a great little weasel. And those dance skills? Outta this world! As weird as this may sound to you, you are like the little sister my mother never gave me. You are so fun. :D

Hey Munchkin! Look at how cute you are! Ugh! It just makes me smile to look at that face. Lets face it, you're a baby. You're never going to read this. But I love you! I love you a whole bunch! I cant wait to babysit you in a few weeks! I'm going to be the best aunt you'll ever have! I love you, Munchkin!!!

You're on here because I feel like publicly announcing this to the world. Look at you. You have grown up so much in just a short time. You are a great daddy. That little girl is going to grow up to adore you, so you know. Keep it up. Oh, and I cannot wait til Flogging Molly. I feel like going to a concert with my big brother is going to be the best time ever!

back to those traditional new years posts.. 23 days late..

Its 23 days into 2011 and I have yet to do the "traditional" new years posts. So, that's what this next bunch of postings are going to be devoted to. :) First things first.

TOP 10 OF 2010

10. NYE in WL with Beef and crew. What a blast!
9. The Father-Daughter day during SB '10. Love ya, Dad.
8. Getting a legitimate job.
7. Homecoming 2010. ...cookie..
5. Sitting at Matter Park with Beef smokin' hookah in her car. :)
4. That entire week leading up to NYE '11 and the few days that followed. SO much fun. :p
3. Beef's birthday weekend. Crazy weekend? Oh yes.
2. Being friends with you. :)
1. Realizing that I am entirely comfortable in my own skin and being happy with exactly who I am despite what others may tell me about myself.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

new year, new strategy.

Well, its 20 days into 2011, and I haven't done any of my traditional "new year" posts. Those are coming, I promise. This post is not one of those, however.

Listen, Chelsea, you want to act like a child? You want to play games? Fine. Last semester I did not cave to your childish and downright idiotic antics, but if this is how you want to go about things, so be it. You want to take my markers and eat my food? You go right ahead. I've got some things up my sleeve as well. You want a war, brace yourself. I do not play nicely with bullies. I'm not saying I'm going to harm you or your things. That would be a threat, which is illegal. I don't really think you're at all worth the jail time. But if you want to act like a child, I can be just as childish. You want to ignore me when I speak to you? Kay. You want to take my [clean] dishes out of the dishwasher and then make them dirty once more? Okay fine. Just saying, I can play your game too. And I intend to if you keep this 5 year old bullshit up. You're nothing but an immature, childish, bully. You will have to live with that. You will have to live with the choices you have made, just as I will have to live with mine. The difference? I can sleep knowing that I did not resort to such stupid lows as you have. I can sleep knowing that I was the mature one. But as I said, that can all go out the window if you keep acting this way. Kisses! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

take just a second...

...and look at how cute she is!
Laelah Renae, 6 months.
I love her!

Monday, January 10, 2011



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Evening, by Febreeze

Smells like a nice smelling boy. delicious.
that is all.